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Premier Protal Systems

  High build achieved in only one coating operation
  Very fast curing liquid applied coatings
Designed for the external protection of all line-pipe, fittings, specials and storage vessels
  Standard high quality abrasive blast cleaning surface preparation

Can be applied by either brush, roller or spray methods

Fully backed by a team of qualified professionals who provide technical advice and on-site guidance
Premtape Petrolatum Products   Premcote Tapes   Premier RockShield

In-situ corrosion prevention of gas, water, oil and other pipes and pipelines valves and fittings. Repair to damaged coatings. Protection of tie bars, post-tensioned rods, cables and tanks. Protection of metal components in transit and storage. Sealing formwork. General waterproofing medium, vapour barrier on thermal installation. Sealing of electrical components and connections. Isolation of dissimilar metals.

This category also covers Premtape Tropical and other related petrolatum products


Designed for application by hand or machine for buried or submarine pipelines, the protection of welded joints on coated pipe, bends, fittings, etc.




Providing protection against backfill on all types of pipe coatings saving costs on sand backfill and aggregate tax.



Premier Heat Shrink Sleeve Systems   Premcote Outerwrap Tape   Premcote Butyl Systems

Specifically designed for long-term protection of welded joints for small, medium and large diameter buried and sub-sea pipelines.





Used as an outerwrap for Premier Petrolatum, Bitumen and Butyl Tapes. Ideal for colour coding in indoor applications



Polyethylene backed Premcote Butyl Tapes are used in conjunction with a primer and are particularly suited for long-line projects for very fast automatic machine application alongside or over the ditch. A separate outerwrap is normally applied at the same time. Standard temperature and high temperature grades are also available.