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  Welcome Premier Coatings Ltd - Leaders in Corrosion Prevention and Sealing Technology. Our range of products have been used for over 25 years and have a proven track record and we are proud to be the foremost company in this field. The range comprises of a variety of specialised pipe coatings including tapes, brush and spray applied liquid coatings, mastics, primers and sealants based on materials such as petrolatum tapes, butyl rubber bitumen tapes, plastics and epoxy resin. Systems are tailor-made for individual anti-corrosion and sealing problems developed with the realities of an on site application in mind. Our extensive product range is suitable for use in a wide range highly corrosive environments with operating temperatures ranging from sub-zero to 250ºC  
Premier Coatings Ltd sealing mastics primarily used as filler materials to provide smooth profiles to mechanical joints, flanges and valves.  Used with other products in the Premier Coatings range provides long term corrosion protection.  Prembond Mastic shown on a tybar Pipebridge protected with Prembond Metalcoat 400 System providing a 30 year plus service life which can be used in severe corrosive environments.  This is a hand applied tape wrap system with a Premier Scrim tape providing extra reinforcement Protal 7000 Series is part of the buried onshore coatings category, a two pack solvent free epoxy coating designed for long term corrosion protection of buried metal pipelines, welded joints, valves, flanges, and fittings, LPG mounded storage vessels and tanks. Seashield Marine Protection systems for protection on concrete jetty piles, timber jetty piles, steel jetty piles, sheet pilings, tublar piles, lock gates, reservoirs and pontoons preventing rebar corrosion or infestation by marine borers on timber piling Premcote Tape system used to protect buried steel pipeline against corrosion and abrasive backfill Prembond Hi-Heat Epoxy Special is a  brush or spray applied liquid coating that can be applied to steel vessels and pipes running at high operating temperatures Premseal Gas proofing Membrane being applied to protect against methane and natural gas Premseal 100 Waterproofing Membrane applied to a reservoir roof Gantry crane in a coastal marine environment protected with a surface tolerant Prembond Metalcoat system Archco Rigidon products for steel and concrete linings, floor and bund protection, speciality coatings, valve and pipe linings
View SeaShield Marine Corrosion Prevention Systems for all Sub-Sea and Splash Zones including Jetty Piles, Offshore Pipelines, Bridge Supports, Underdeck Areas, Piers
View Archco Rigidon Reinforced Corrosion prevention Linings
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