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 Premier Moulding Compound

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Prembond Insulating Mastic


Premier Moulding Compound


Prembond Insulating Mastic is designed for contouring around complex shapes such as valves, flanges etc. and filling cracks and cavities in preformed insulation sections ensuring a minimum thickness of 50mm over the metal surface. It is simply pushed into place and smoothed to the required profile by hand. Use of the compound insulates the fittings and inhibits the formation of condensation which in turn prevents corrosion.


Can be rapidly applied to provide an effective gas and watertight seal capable of accommodating movement due to settling, subsidence or vibration (where ducts are wet or a substantial head of water could form, Prembond 16A should be used)


  Prembond Mastic

  Premseal Waterproofing & Gas Resistance Membranes

Recommended for profiling around irregular shaped pipe fittings particularly where deep fillings are required. It is used with primer prior to overwrapping with Premtape or Premcote Tapes for long term corrosion protection of buried pipe fittings to P1* or P2* specification. Its low density gives resistance to slumping.


Self Adhesive waterproofing membrane sheeting for use at landfill sites to protect against methane and landfill gases and natural gases such as radon. Also suitable for the prevention of ingress of water into buildings and structures