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Premcote 1500 Tape System Used
to Protect Pipes at Natural Gas Storage Plant

Buried Coatings

Project Data

LocationCornegliano Laudense, Italy
ProductsPremcote Primer and Premcote 1500 Tape
DateNovember 2016

Project Details

In 2016, the Premcote 1500 Tape System was chosen for the protection of buried pipework at the Cornegliano Laudense Natural Gas Storage Plant in the region of Lombardy, Northern Italy.

After fierce competition, Premier Coatings Ltd was selected because of its technical proficiency and demonstrable adherence to the job specification.

Initial coating work began in the Civardi Factory in November 2016, with pipes mounted onto a milling machine before Premcote Primer was applied. The Premcote 1500 Tape System was then applied with a Premier Coatings Ltd Wrapping Machine that was loaned specifically for the job and allowed for even and precise distribution of the tape along the pipe’s length.