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Premcote 150R Tape Used to Protect Tie Rods AFter Damage During Excavation

Buried Coatings

Project Data

LocationThe Port of Ashdod, Israel
ContractorEGTM Coating Tech
DistributorEGTM Coating Tech
ProductsPremcote Primer, Premcote 150R Tape and Premier PVC Self-Adhesive Tape 200
DateJuly 2020

Project Details

The Port of Ashdod is Israel’s economic gateway, accounting for 60% of the country’s ocean-going trade. Located just 40 kilometers southwest of Tel Aviv, the Port of Ashdod is the closest port to Israel’s most important commercial centers and transportation networks. The port has been upgraded to support Panamax ships, and several shipping companies are located there. The major industry for Ashdod is an oil refinery, one of two in the whole country. Other industries include pharmaceuticals, construction, and soybean oil. It is also home to Israel’s manufacturer of radar equipment and electronic warfare systems.

At the Port of Ashdod, the up-keep of the buried tie rods over the years is extremely important for the structural strength of the platform they support. During the excavation of the tie rods for inspection, the existing corrosion prevention system was accidentally damaged, and mechanical defects were identified.

After a consultation with the QC, the Premcote 150R System was selected to replace the old system. The old, damaged coating was removed, and the surface was prepared to st2 level. The surface was then cleaned and Premcote Primer was applied. Next, Premcote 150R Tape was applied with a 55% overlap, then covered with a layer of Premier PVC Self-Adhesive Tape 200.

A Holiday test to 10Kv, against ASTM- D 5162 Test method B, was carried out by an authorised lab. The test was performed 24 hours from the time of repair and no defects were detected.