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Premseal GMA Gasproofing Membrane used in Luxurious Apartment Development in Kingston-upon-Thames

Water & Gasproofing Membranes

Project Data

ClientJSA of London
ContractorCoinford, Surrey
Project Size7000 sq metres
ProductsPremseal GMA™ Gasproofing Membrane, Premstik™, Premier™ Reinforcing Tape, Premier™ Board Tape and Premseal™ Primer

Project Details

Premseal GMA has been used as a gas and waterproofing membrane over the 7,000 square metre area of the first phase of a new luxurious apartment development in Kingston.

Premseal GMA was chosen by consulting engineers JSA of London for its fully bonded gas and waterproofing properties and its ability (by being manufactured in this case with the ‘LT’ adhesive compound) to be applied to green concrete. For a total solution the membrane was bonded in all the main horizontal areas to ABG’s Gas Flow system.

The construction design involved a lot of detailing of the membrane which was adeptly carried out by contractor Coinford Ltd from Burstow in Surrey.

Mechanical protection for the membrane was provided by using the flexi-ble polymer ‘PP’ protection boards which give excellent puncture and shear force resistance. A total of 2,300 protection boards were used.

Other Premier products used on the project were Reinforcing Tape, Premstik, Board Tape and Premseal Primer.