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Premtape Hotline

A surface tolerant, petrolatum tape specially formulated for the protection of pipelines operating at elevated service temperatures.

Premtape Hotline comprises a plastic backed petrolatum tape designed to protect buried copper, iron or steel pipes operating at elevated service temperatures, up to 90°C.

Premtape Hotline Tape is a component of the Steelcoat Soil Air Interface System, a combined tape and liquid coating system for protecting the vulnerable area where pipes emerge above ground from running underground in elevated temperatures.

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  • Surface tolerant
  • Cold applied
  • For elevalted service temperatures, up to 90°C
  • Can be applied by hand or wrapping machine
  • PCL Petrolatum Tape Systems

  • PCL Protection of Buried Pipelines, Fittings and Specials

  • PCL Steelcoat Soil Air Interface System


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