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SeaShield 80 System

A light-duty system for the protection of cylindrical steel, concrete or timber piles.

SeaShield 80 System comprises a layer of Prempaste S105 followed by a layer of SeaShield Marine Piling. The system is completed by adding a final layer of SeaShield Bitumen Outerwrap 80 which comprises a synthetic fibre fabric impregnated and coated with polymer modified bitumen compound laminated to a tough PVC backing. The compound layer is protected by a plastic film interleaving which is removed during application. The combination of PVC backing and fabric reinforced polymer bitumen compound makes it resistant to damage by sharp objects (e.g. impact damage).

SeaShield Bitumen Outerwrap 80 provides mechanical protection as part of the SeaShield system. When used in conjunction with Prempaste S105 and SeaShield Marine Piling Tape, the extremely tough PVC backing combined with polymer-modified bitumen ensures protection of piles.

For further information on surface preparation requirements for SeaShield products, please contact us.

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  • Resistant to acids, alkali and salts
  • Resistant to cathodic disbonding

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