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SeaShield Inspection Port

An optional addition to the SeaShield 2000FD System, the patented Inspection Port allows for rapid inspection of the substrate without requiring removal of the entire system.

The patented SeaShield Inspection Ports are fabricated from high-density polyethylene and other materials, which are suitable for marine use. The HDPE is specially formulated to include a minimum of 2% carbon black, which provides excellent resistance to UV weathering. The ports can be added to the SeaShield 2000FD System at strategic points to allow easy inspection of the pipe substrate underneath without disturbing the rest of the system in the process.

For further information on surface preparation requirements for SeaShield products, please contact us.

Request Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
  • Suitable for use in marine splash zone areas
  • Suitable for use in immersed marine conditions
  • Suitable for use on circular piles
  • Highly resistant to UV radiation

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