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Steelcoat 400 System

A reinforced tape system for the protection of above ground pipe and steelwork.

Steelcoat 400 System comprising deep penetrating primer (Premier Penetrating Primer), an easily-applied layer fabric-backed tape (Premier Ultraseal) and a topcoat (Premier Acrylic Topcoat). The final topcoat can be reinforced with a selected reinforcing scrim (Premier D5 or Premier D10 Scrim) for sections of steelwork or pipework which require additional impact resistance.

After priming, Prempaste LD Mastic is first utilised to seal and profile back to back angles, voids, flanges or fittings, before application of Premier Ultraseal and selected topcoat. Ideal for badly pitted or rusted steel structures.

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  • Cold-applied
  • Surface tolerant
  • Highly conformable
  • Proven performance
  • Minimum surface preparation needed – hand/power tool cleaning only
  • Easily repaired and over-coated
  • Low future maintenance costs

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