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SeaShield 70 System Trial at Esso Italiana S.R.L. Jetty

SubSea & Splash Zone Coatings

Project Data

ClientESSO Italiana S.r.l.
ContractorILMA Sub
ProductsPrempaste S105™, Premier™ Moulding Compound, SeaShield™ Marine Piling Tape and Premier™ Glass Outerwrap UV (GOW UV)
DateFebruary 2023

Project Details

The routine inspection and refurbishment of an Esso Italiana S.r.l. jetty presented our European Area Manager with the ideal opportunity to specify the use of a SeaShield 70 System trial to the top of one of the jetty piles.

The piles already use the SeaShield 100 System for protection in the intertidal zone; the flanges at the top of the piles however are currently exposed to the elements. Due to the shape of the flange and the current level of degradation, a demonstration of the SeaShield 70 System – comprised of Prempaste S105, Premier Moulding Compound, SeaShield Marine Piling Tape and Premier Glass Outerwrap UV (GOW UV) – was proposed as an appropriate solution to encapsulate and protect the unevenly shaped flange.

The application in February went very well, and demonstrated the ease and speed at which the system can be applied. Upon returning in June, the contractor was extremely pleased with the results of the trial and is very positive regarding the possibility of the system being approved for other parts of the structure.