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Steelcoat Tank Base Protection System
Used to Protect Tank Bases in Israel

Exposed Surface Coatings

Project Data

LocationHevel Lakhish - Israel
DistributorEGTM Coating Tech Ltd.
ContractorEGTM Coating Tech Ltd.
ProductsSteelcoat Tank Base Protection System & Premband
DateNovember 2020

Project Details

The location for this tank base protection project is Hevel Lakhish – an area in southcentral Israel. Part of the southern Shephelah, it is located between the Judean Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea and is named after the Biblical city of Lachish.

EGTM Coating Tech Ltd., who were the contractors on this project, are specialists in rust-prevention treatment systems in Israel. They are experts when it comes to specifying corrosion prevention systems adapted to suit the Israeli climate and its unique environmental conditions.

This project is unique as the tank to be protected sits inside the concrete ring unlike most tanks, which sit on top of the ring.

Therefore, in collaboration with EGTM Coating Tech and the client’s corrosion engineer, it was decided to cast an inner ring and reduce the gap between the tank and the concrete ring.

Premband was utilised to provide a watertight flexible seal between the existing concrete ring and newly laid concrete.

The Steelcoat Tank Base Protection System was then applied to the tank base to provide long-term protection against corrosion.