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WCI@140 Photo Competition – And the winner is…

Back in October 2023, our parent company launched the Winn & Coales 140th Anniversary Photo Competition as a way of drawing their 140th year to a triumphant close and inviting you to become a small part of that celebration.

Firstly, on behalf of WCI, we would like to thank everyone who entered. We were thrilled at the response from our customers and online followers and want to thank you all for joining in our celebrations.

So, with the competition now closed, who are the lucky winners?! In descending order…

Third place – Vipan K. from Botswana!

Vipan shared a brilliant photo of CPT Tape which had been applied on a water pipeline project in Botswana. The unique perspective displayed in the photograph showcases the extremely professional and tidy tape application as the pipe waits to be lowered into the trench.

Second place – Richard R. from South Africa!

Richard was one of our first entries into the competition and set a high standard for the many that followed with this Archco 403D application during a petrochemical plant’s shutdown in September in South Africa. This unique shot was taken inside the water storage tank that Richard and his team had blast-cleaned and coated in only 11 days!

And finally, our winner, in first place, is – TAMS Group from Australia!

The TAMS Group submitted this incredible photo of a SeaShield 2000FD System application during pile remediation works in Western Australia. Our judges were extremely impressed with this truly unique shot, which spotlights an often-unseen perspective of pile repair and maintenance taking place below the water line.

We’re sure you will agree that all three of our winners submitted excellent photos that are extremely worthy of their placements.

Once again, we would like to thank everyone for their participation and helping Winn & Coales International Ltd. to celebrate its 140th anniversary!