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Premseal 100 LT

A high performance waterproof membrane designed to bond to primed damp concrete, at temperatures lower than conventional self-adhesive membranes. 

Premseal 100 LT is designed with a special adhesive compound that will bond to primed concrete at temperatures lower than conventional self-adhesive membranes. It is excellent for use in cold damp weather conditions and features a unique selvedge strip to ensure a watertight seal on all side edge laps. 

Premseal 100 LT is comprised of a high-density polyethylene backing bonded to a rubberised bitumen compound protected by a release interleave. 

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  • Choice of blue or black
  • Easy to apply
  • Cold applied
  • Provides excellent protection against aggressive soil
  • Highly resistant to contaminated ground water, dilute acids, alkalis
  • Can be applied to damp and ‘green’ concrete when used with Premseal™ Primer LT

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